2013 was a freaking fantastic year for me. In my first year out of grad school, I’ve found time to accomplish so many things. Not having classes and assignments to worry about sure does help a lot… and the discipline I learned in school this time around certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

Here are some things I accomplished:

  • I stuck to my New Years resolutions, all year. In the beginning of the year, I resolved to take my vitamins every day, floss at least every other (this has been a struggle in the past), and write in my journal every third day. I managed to stick to all three of those resolutions, with the help of OmniFocus for iPhone. The same app that got me through all my grad school deadlines also took me through an entire year of healthier living.
  • I ran the Bellin Run again, for the second year in a row. It’s a 10k held every year in my hometown, and it’s so much fun to participate in such a big run. (Last year, exactly 20,000 participants registered – wow!) I shaved more than ten minutes off my time from 2012. I doubt my improvement running in 2014 will be that great, but I’m looking forward to doing better with the help of some more winter training.
  • I got a terrific new job! I’d enjoyed my previous job for the last few years, but after graduating with my MLIS degree in December of 2012, it was time for a change. I got a great position, in my field, in the middle of February and have been loving it ever since. So excited to be working in Information Architecture and User Experience Design.
  • I started bike commuting again. I’ve always had a lot of bike-commute potential – I rode my bike to school my entire senior year of high school, all through some pretty brutal winter weather and everything. (Not a good sign when you have to chip ice off your gears to get going!) But for the past few years, I’ve been working just a little bit too far away from home for that to be practical. With the new job, though, that changed… and now I am once again a year-round bike commuter. It’s a great way to burn some calories every day, save a little bit of gas money and a lot of parking money, and travel a little more freely in traffic.
  • I read 30 books this year! According to Goodreads, where I track all my reading, I read a total of 9,346 pages. One year out of grad school, and exactly where I wanted to be, reading-wise. (I made so many comments in 2011 and 2012 about how much reading I was going to do when I finished.)
  • The 48 Hour Film Project was crazy fun, and I am so proud of my work and of my friends. I wrote the script for our film, and acted in it. It was a good writing step for me, and I’ve actually been writing some short scripts at work, too – though for admittedly less exciting training and promotional videos we make for clients. I still like the work, though, whether it’s for a work of fiction or for a new online community.

It’s been a terrific year, and I’m looking forward to an even more awesome 2014. I thought about making a resolution this year, but I think that keeping up on my 2013 resolutions, in addition to getting married and hopefully buying a house, will be plenty to keep me busy for now.