Now that the wedding date has passed, I’m excited to share the gift I made for my best friend’s wedding.

Her invite said that they didn’t want gifts, but how best-friendly does that sound? So, I decided that without a registry to work off of, I’d be best off making something. I decided to make a custom cross-stitch project to celebrate the start of her new life with her husband.

After picking up supplies, I created a pattern myself, using the Cross Stitch Maker app for iPad. (I tried out a few, and surprisingly, this seemed to be the only worthwhile option. Cross stitch apps tend to suck, at least in my experience.) Here’s what I came up with, to get started:


As far as visual characteristics go, he has some pretty awesome sideburns, and she has a beautiful 3/4 sleeve tattoo on one arm. So, I decided to work both of these into the design.



It helps to work on one color at a time – requires less knotting and needle threading. So, the design didn’t look that exciting at first…



…but quickly got a bit more interesting.



After confirming that she is in fact changing her name (never make assumptions about this!) I added their family last name to the design.


IMG_1089Finally, with a few more fancy details added, I put it in a frame. Ready to hang. I hope she loves it. 🙂