Gift-wrapping in progress, mid-month.

  1. I finally got back to yoga this month. I’ve had a pretty busy year, which is partially true and partially an excuse not to make time for yoga. But I always feel better when I’m going to yoga regularly, so this month, that’s what I did.
  2. I recorded a few Christmas songs with Whiskey Doubles. Check them out.
  3. Since I landed my current position as an Information Architect/UX Designer, I’ve occasionally been guest-speaking in my old Information Architecture class, about what it’s like working in the field and how I got my job. I did that again one week this month, and got some great questions about the job from current IA students.
  4. I hung Christmas lights at my house for the first time.
  5. My sewing machine finally got a little non-curtain love – I sewed this amazing pair of flannel lounge pants for my husband’s birthday present. That’s a dark side Star Wars print, and they’re lined with red jersey fabric for extra coziness.
  6. I went to a metal show in Milwaukee and took some pictures.
  7. Wrote approximately 25 pages of a work-in-progress novel. An excess of holiday plans, combined with a pretty brutal mid-month flu, kept me away from my writing desk more than I’d like – but I made progress, nonetheless.
  8. Read 4 books this month! One was a novella written by an old friend, two were works of fiction currently residing on my library shelves, and the last was a book recommended and lent to me by my sister in law, about women pursuing equal rights in the workplace at Newsweek in the 60s and 70s.

As a bonus, check out this snarky YouTube video I made with my husband, looking at neighborhood lights on Christmas night: