It’s December 30, and that means that the day after tomorrow, it’ll be a new year. I’ve been slacking on updating, lately, so I thought I’d kick off the new year with a quick recap of some of the cool things I did this year.

Traveled to Europe


In March/April, I left the country (for the first time in my life!) to celebrate my one-year wedding anniversary. My husband and I checked out Paris and Florence, and even visited his sister in Rome.


Took a Photography Class

I’ve been taking more and more pictures each year, so this year, I finally signed up for a class. I took an intro to digital photography at the local tech school, and finally learned how to use my camera properly.



Runs and More


I finished the Bellin Run again this year, for the fourth straight finish. I also did the Santa Rampage bike ride this month in Milwaukee, and the Loop Around the Lake snowshoe event in Minocqua.


Finished a First Draft


I’ve been wanting to write a novel for years. This year, I finally buckled down and finished a first draft. It needs a lot of polish, but I already have a great start on version 2, and look forward to sharing it with the world in 2016.


Released an album


This year Whiskey Doubles released our second EP, Nightcap. You can find it on iTunes.


Read 25 books

My goal each year is to read 30 books, but unfortunately, I didn’t quite reach that number this year. 25 is still pretty good, and I read some really great ones. It’s tough to decide between reading and writing when I find myself with some spare time!


Turned 30 in Richmond/DC


We visited friends in Richmond, and I met up with my dad for the first time in 15 years. Also, visited the Library of Congress on my 30th birthday.


Played a bunch of music


Not only did I play a bunch of shows with Whiskey Doubles, but I also played three weddings this year, for friends and family. I haven’t played many weddings before this year, but I definitely had fun arranging music and even doing a little singing.


Grew a Garden


One of the things that most excited me about owning a house was being able to plant gardens. This year, I had two beds installed through the Milwaukee-area Victory Garden Initiative, and enjoyed fresh vegetables all summer and fall. I’m looking forward to applying what I learned this year to grow even better vegetables next year.


Made some stuff


I made three different cross stitch projects, for three different friends. Turns out, it’s super fun designing and making these things.


It’s been an exciting year… but I’m sure 2016 will be even better.