The internet is great. Amazing things happen online, and I love being a part of that.

I do information architecture and user experience design. What does that mean? I plan the internet. A stunning visual design and cutting-edge technology are useless, unless the website also makes sense and is easy to use. Can you find what you came here to do?

I have a master’s degree in information science, and I started my first blog in 1999. I know how to Internet. Let me help.



I studied information science at the Master’s level in 2011-2012, and focused my studies on everything web-related. I worked a lot on the underlying structures of websites, as well as the visual presentation of information on the page.

I’ve also been a serious web user for a long time. I was an active user on the very first public blogging community, technically a bit before the word ‘blog’ was even a thing. I’ve been thinking in web terms for a very long time. In addition to my academic study of what works on the web, I’ve been learning through trial and error for a very long time.

I worked for Zywave, Inc. – a SaaS company in the insurance industry, located in Wauwatosa, WI – for three years, learning about clients, helping them solve technical problems, and working with them on strategies for success with their user bases. Since then, I’ve been working as an information architect at 7Summits in Milwaukee, where I focus on creating online communities, but branch out in other areas from time to time, as well.


Previous Work

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