Hallway at MATC.


  • In the beginning of the month, I paid off my undergraduate student loans. It’s been a little over 7 years, and it sure feels good to be rid of them. Of course, the graduate loans are still there, but – one down, right?
  • I recorded another album with Whiskey Doubles! The Nightcap EP will be released soon, both in CD and digital form.
  • Preliminary decorating in my bedroom happened. The biggest part of this involved buying, hanging, and hemming huge thermal/blackout curtains for the window & fire escape door in that room. It should be much cozier now, and it certainly looks nicer.
  • I started taking a photography class at the local tech college. So far, I have already learned the basics of shooting in manual, as well as some cool tricks like light painting.
  • I read 3 books, with a total of 1,220 pages. Thanks, Goodreads.
  • I’m teaching myself to do handstands. Silly, yes. A fun challenge? Also yes. I need a wall for balance, but I can get myself up into a handstand without a running start now!
  • Two and a half years ago, I got my stretched earlobes reconstructed. This month, I finally got them re-pierced, finally wrapping up the Getting My Ears Fixed blog project. Soon, I’ll be able to wear pretty pearl earrings and basic studs again.
  • I wrote about 22 pages of novel. Progress is slow, but it’s happening.