Here’s what kept me busy this month:

  1. House projects continue. This month, we painted the kitchen and dining room, bought furniture (though it’ll still take a while for some of it to arrive), and actually enjoyed the back yard a few times. We also got three trees planted, and I added significantly to the flowers around my house.
  2. I read 2 books this month: Shotgun Lovesongs, by Nickolas Butler, and The Last Summer of the Camperdowns, by Elizabeth Kelly. I wrote a review of the latter.
  3. I Stormed the Bastille! Every year Milwaukee has a festival downtown called Bastille Days, which, among many other things, features an after-dark 5k run through the streets of downtown. I ran with a bunch of my coworkers, including my husband. I didn’t take exact note of my starting time, but I think I finished in about 28 minutes.
  4. I helped a friend film the first of Milwaukee’s Sofar Sounds series shows. We filmed four bands playing short sets in a tightly-packed room of strangers. Between sets, I even managed to shoot a couple photos.
  5. I played with my band, Whiskey Doubles, on the 19th. We played for a few hours at Milwaukee Public Market. I’m so glad to finally be playing shows.
  6. After moving into my new house last month, I started a longer bike commute. I’ve biked to work almost every day this month, which is about 14 miles round trip. I’ve already noticed a difference in my body with this increase in mileage. (And certainly an increase in my appetite.)