June 2014 was a busy month…

  1. On June 1, I participated in the UPAF Ride for the Arts. This was my first registered bike event, so I guessed on the conservative side and signed up for the shorter 25-mile route. But it turned out to be easy and enjoyable, so next year I may go for longer.
  2. On June 14, I participated in the Bellin Run, for the third straight year. My finish time was 56:06, just a hair over my personal best (2013).
  3. My band, Whiskey Doubles, had our first performance, at Colectivo Coffee on the lake for Make Music Day. The first show went really well – can’t wait for our July shows.
  4. I read 2 books, including Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue, a terrific book on the origins of the English language; and Maya’s Notebook.
  5. I finally moved into my new house! I also spent a lot of time fixing it up – it’s a great house but there’s work to be done. Check out my progress this month.
  6. I cut bangs. 🙂