At the end of May, I committed to making June a month to focus on healthy habits. These habits include eating better, packing lunches, biking every day, doing extra exercise, and drinking way, way less than I have been. A little over a week in, how am I doing?


My employer shared this picture of me and my commuter to celebrate Wisconsin Bike Week, June 2-12.

I started a few days before June, hoping to start with momentum, and that, I did. In the last five days of May, I ran 7 miles, and managed to drink only 2 beers.

Here’s how the first ten days of the challenge have gone:

  • I’ve biked 110 miles, mostly just going to and from work. I did get in a trip to the bike shop and a stop at West Allis A La Carte, where I undid that bike ride exercise by eating delicious street food.
  • Had only 3 drinks – a couple on date night a week ago, and a beer that Sunday. I’ve been drinking a lot of fancy cucumber water at home, and lots of La Croix. It’s a lot easier for me to say no to a beer or a whiskey when I have something else to enjoy.
  • Burned 21,515 calories, and took 124,043 steps. This is the best I’ve ever done this consistently, according to my Fitbit.
  • I did a couple of Fitstar workouts, I ran a few miles downtown in the early morning hours before work, played one company softball game, walked a few miles to go out for dinner, walked a few miles to go to the farmer’s market. And yesterday, I did cardio kickboxing for the first time ever – a coworker led a session in the work gym over lunch! What a fun challenge it was.
  • I didn’t order my lunch once. My workplace organizes a mass order from a different restaurant every day, and it’s almost too easy to put in an order and have it deducted from my paycheck. While it’s a great option when you need it, I don’t want to be in the habit of doing that all the time. It’s not good for the wallet or the waistline.
  • I got my resting heart rate down from 61 beats per minute to 51, which is insane. My drinking behavior is evident when I look at my resting heart rate. When I take a break, it goes down; when I have a few drinks during that break, it spikes again. I never used to notice that specific effect of drinking.

I was surprised to find the scale has gone down by three pounds already. Some of that is water weight, I’m sure, but it’s also clear that I’ve been collecting bad habits lately. Trading them out for more activity and less beer is having a fast effect. And anyway, it just feels good to be moving more and drinking less. I fall asleep so easily at the end of the day.