Ten more days into June. Let’s check in, shall we?

Ellie and her bike

Here I am at the start of the Fat Tire Tour 2016. The Peugeot is finally back in service!

This segment was definitely harder. I’m great at starting things, and not as good at keeping them up. My step count is down in the last week, as well as my commitment to exercise outside of the bike commute.

  • I biked 127 miles. This includes the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee, as well as a trip to a beer garden on the other side of town for a friend’s birthday party. Mileage for the month is definitely stacking up; all that bike commuting makes it so easy.
  • I had seven drinks in this period. 🙁 But all but two of them involved a substantial amount of biking, so that’s not so bad. I’ve been kind of enjoying the break from alcohol, in a weird way, but still find it really hard to say no in social situations. Outside of these, though, I’ve been rocking the La Croix (go pamplemousse, go coconut) as well as fresh cucumber-infused water. The break is good.
  • Burned 20,954 calories, and took 105,059 steps. I had a lot of days where I came in under my goals, but I had a few really big days, too, so it all evens out.
  • Mostly, I sucked at getting in the extra workouts. I just wasn’t feeling it, and I had a lot of extra things going on. And my company softball team had a bye week. The extra bike riding helped a lot, though. I also got in a run, a walk, and some push-ups and sit-ups while watching Orange is the New Black.
  • I mostly stayed on board with home-prepared meals, too! I did get takeout one day, though, when I packed a lunch but forgot the most important part at home. With the Public Market nearby, it’s too easy to go get some Thai food when I want it.
  • No real progress on the scale, which is okay. I know this week wasn’t the greatest, and I’m just happy I didn’t make backwards progress. The resting heart rate went up a few beats per minute, as well, but 51 seemed weirdly low to me. Even where I am now, I’m still at least 10 bpm below my average from months ago. All this health is having its effect.

I slacked off a bit in this period, but I’m excited to go strong into the final period of June. Even considering this stasis, I’m still feeling very healthy, and have benefited a lot from paying this kind of close attention to my habits.