I’ve recently finished up some new sewing projects, and want to share them.

IMG_2537 IMG_2538

I put the same curtains in my kitchen and dining room. The previous owners of the home knocked down the wall between these two rooms, so it makes the most sense to decorate them as one. We keep the blinds up much of the time, so I wanted something that would be mostly out of the way, but still make the windows look finished. I sewed these valances in just a couple sittings.

I’m pretty pleased with how well they match the wall, and how they add a touch more lightness to the dark rooms. They look glorious in the daytime.



The bathroom curtain actually was sewn in a hurry. I had previously done a valance for this room, but when we had some windows replaced, the old blinds no longer fit – the day before we threw a party. The next morning, while my husband was busy doing the cooking, I whipped up this little curtain with attached valance. Now I just want to find a better matched shower curtain.