On Feb 7, I saw Else, Forever No More, and Lost in a Name, at Club Garibaldi in Milwaukee. Lost in a Name and Forever No More were both new to me, but I was impressed. I’m often surprised how much local talent there is in the Milwaukee area.


Feb Else show-1

Feb Else show-2

Feb Else show-3

Feb Else show-4

Forever No More

Feb Else show-5

Feb Else show-6

Feb Else show-7

Feb Else show-8

Feb Else show-9

Lost in a Name

Feb Else show-10

They brought cookies. Seriously. (Seriously awesome.)

Feb Else show-11

Feb Else show-12

Feb Else show-13

Their lights and visual effects were crazy. Loved it.

Feb Else show-14

Feb Else show-15

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