I have one trick down really well – focusing on one thing in the shot, and forcing other things to be out of focus. (I’m sure there’s a better way of saying that, but I’m new, so cut me some slack, okay?) It’s a fun trick, and it makes me feel like I’m taking real pictures, but clearly the rest of my photography skills need some work.


I ordered a couple of cheap lenses (are they lens attachments? I don’t know) on Amazon, and I’m kind of disappointed. They don’t do much as far as telephoto/wide angle shots go, but they do seem to make my shots unforgivably blurry, beyond the help of any magical focus-wielding powers.

I suppose that if I want wide-angle shots, I’ll have to get a real wide-angle lens at some point.


It’s a cozy little place to hold rehearsals.



I love the songs where Kristen plays bells.