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Photo I took of the sunset reflecting on a condo building downtown. View on Instagram.

Here’s what I did in November 2014:

  • Sewing projects – I sewed a few different things this month. I did five valances for our windows in the kitchen & dining room, as well as the bathroom. I also sewed a table runner for the library, in addition to hemming & finishing the pre-made curtains I bought for that room.
  • My new home came with mostly modern windows, but there were a few old, drafty ones still in place, and we had those replaced this month. I’ll be enjoying increased energy efficiency this winter now that the new ones have been installed.
  • Decorating continues. While I was visiting my family over Thanksgiving, I acquired a couple of paintings done by my late grandfather, that just happened to match the colors in our living room perfectly. (Take a look.)
  • I hosted a huge Friendsgiving feast with my husband! He has a tradition of throwing pre-Thanksgiving parties with friends, and this year, we decided to take advantage of our nice new home by hosting ourselves. He made 40 pounds of turkey, and we had about 25 guests show up. Our housewarming party was a success.
  • I read two books: New Point, by Olivia Luck (read my review); and The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt (read my review).
  • My biggest news this month is that I successfully started a healthy fiction-writing habit. I’ve long wanted to write a novel, and this is the month I finally started getting up early in the morning to write. I have been terrible at making time for writing, but I’ve overcome that in the past month, by setting an alarm for 6:00 am most days. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and am still working on increasing my daily word count; but as of the end of the month, I’m up to about 23,000 words. At the current pace, I expect to have a solid first draft by the end of January.