A couple of weeks ago, I got back from my honeymoon in Europe – my first time out of the country. We hit a few cities on our tour, but I’ll start out with sharing the best of my Paris photos.

La Place Des Vosges

This was very near to our hotel – La Place Des Vosges. It’s a beautiful little public square that we returned to a couple of times. It was apparently created in the early 1600s by Henry IV, or so Wikipedia tells me. Things this large in such a dense city have to be old – there’s no way you could find this much open space in the city otherwise.


Eiffel Tower


One of the first attractions we actually checked out, on arrival in Paris, was the Eiffel Tower. Cliche, yes, but I don’t care. I didn’t think I was the type, but I teared up a little bit when I first saw it. Beautiful monument, and as you can see in my second photo, it’s much more intricate than you might think.


arc de triomphe

This is the Arc de Triomphe. It stands in the middle of a very busy traffic circle, but apparently you can get to it via an underground passage. There appeared to be some kind of funeral or memorial service happening underneath it, so we observed from a distance before dashing out of the rain.


Louvre-1 Louvre-2

Before heading back to our neighborhood for the night, we swung by Le Louvre. Didn’t go inside, but it’s a beautiful building and worth checking out.





On Day2 we checked out Notre Dame cathedral. Crazy beautiful place. We happened to come on Palm Sunday, which was so, so busy. Despite a mass happening (they seem to happen pretty much constantly, according to the schedule) we were able to walk around the inside of the cathedral, see some things, and learn about its history. It took hundreds of years to become what it is today.



There is a fascinating crypt underneath Notre Dame’s public square, containing ruins of an ancient city called Lutetia in modern-day Paris.



One thing that really impressed me about Paris was its transportation infrastructure. There were a lot of cars, but not at the expense of the many pedestrians or cyclists. And there’s a great metro train as well. So many people going so many places in Paris, but somehow it all seems to work.

We wandered the city for a while, and found a beautiful little street full of flowers and birds for sale.






We stumbled across the Pont des Artes bridge. As it wasn’t part of our plan, we didn’t come prepared with a lock… but, seeing as how it happened to be our 1 year wedding anniversary, we celebrated locking it down anyway.

Paris  turned out to be such a beautiful city. On the train taking us to Florence after leaving, my husband and I talked about it – and came to the conclusion that the people calling Paris a dirty, rude city are out of their minds. Everyone we encountered was so nice, and patient with me as a terrible French speaker. The whole city seemed so full of character, and it was so easy to get around. I’d love to come back again and spend a little more time here.