In 2015, I worked closely with Boston Consulting Group to work on a product demo for their annual consultant meetup. The assignment was to create a proof of concept community for consultants to collaborate together on business problems — accessing documentation, reviewing assets, collaborating on solutions, and sharing deliverables. We used the Jive platform to enable functionality the client was looking for.

The process began with story boarding, requirements gathering, and phase definition, during an in-person workshop in Boston, including experience mapping and use case prioritization.



I identified the phases each BCG engagement follows, and which key activities would need to be enabled during each phase. Micro-wires helped the client envision each step in the process before I built out higher-fidelity wireframes.


Developing the dashboard wireframe was the biggest challenge, and also the most satisfying part of this project for me. I put the prototype through many iterations to get to the final product.

Dashboard component wireframe

Click through the image to view the entire progression of collaboration on this component.

This was a highly collaborative process between me, my internal team mates, and the client. All parties were able to contribute meaningfully to the final product through frequent online collaboration and one intense in-person workshop in Boston.



See the wireframes.