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I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a project for Google, who engaged my company for some quick improvements to their Partners Community. I consulted with team members of mine who created wireframes and designs to address some of Google’s quick needs. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I did a deep analysis of the structure, content, and functionality of their community, and made greater strategic recommendations.

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I looked at more than 250 different pages throughout the community, and evaluated them against a variety of criteria.

In February of 2016, I presented my findings to Google. I made recommendations that included additional wireframe/IA work, to expand the scope of the work 7Summits did this year. I also made format recommendations that would improve search results and document display, as well as recommendations regarding evaluating business goals and context to consider adding community strategy to the 2016 roadmap.

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The suggestions were well received, and resonated with the Google staff. 7Summits’ professional relationship with Google continues after the conclusion of our initial engagement.

See my analysis.