I bought my Nikon about a year ago, hoping to take better pictures than I was previously with my iPhone… but without understanding the settings, I didn’t get very far. So I signed up for a photography class at the local tech college.

I want to share some of the pictures I’ve been taking for my photography class, just to hold myself accountable to create the best images I can. The purpose of this assignment is to get as many perspectives as you can of a single object. I chose a sculpture on the river.



The toughest thing about shooting these photographs was compensating for the very bright light at midday, and the very light colors outside. The sculpture itself is a pretty light gray color, and between the overcast sky and the snow on the ground & the river, there was a lot of white in the pictures. A camera’s light meter will always try to make the tones in your picture equal a pretty medium tone, so if it’s actually a very light or dark scene, sometimes your camera’s suggested settings are a little off.


The contrast of the sculpture vs. the sky is very different when shooting right up towards the sun.



I’m enjoying the assignments as a bit of an incentive to get out there and shoot something different. I’ve been taking a lot of show pictures (and a lot of cat pictures you don’t see) since getting the camera, but I’m really learning about some other settings as well, being in this class.