This past Friday I shot a show for Sofar Sounds Milwaukee. I agreed to help film the show, with me and my friend Ivan on video, and my husband Kent on sound. Due to the filming, I didn’t get to take too many pictures, but I did get to take some. (I feel kind of bad – I barely got any pictures of the last band!

Sofar Sounds shows take place at surprise locations, with no prior notice about who is playing. They’re hosted at people’s homes, and are invite-only events – very fun. I made some new friends and saw some awesome musicians play.


Middle Ground

I wasn’t familiar with Middle Ground before the show, which I suppose, is part of the point of these shows. I’m glad I got to see them. Joe has an amazing voice, and the whole group works so well together. I’d love to see them play more than four songs sometime.




Dead Horses

I don’t think I’ve seen them in person before this show, but I have been familiar with them for a while now, thanks to their feature on Those Who Dig. I know that I just love these guys’ sound so, so much. Talk about vocal harmonies and great string band chemistry. These guys are great, and I was honored to have a (necessary by virtue of filming) front row seat for their set.

Dead Horses




Traveling Suitcases

Another band I wasn’t familiar with before – wow, does Nicole Rae have a lot of charisma leading up this group. And the keyboards, trumpet, guitar, and percussion that Brandon and Bill bring round out the group perfectly – such a great sound.








Soul Low

I  feel bad I didn’t get more pictures of this group! They were the last to play, and with a quick set-up and a chaotic teardown, I didn’t have time for much other than filming. (I’m looking forward to sharing some video when it’s available!) They were apparently down a drummer for the night, but put on a good show regardless.