The last few months have felt crazy. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress, in various parts of my life, and I feel like I’ve been letting some things slip. This is the first year in five that I haven’t been training to run a 10k mid-June. Something seems to be missing. I need a change-up.

Which is why I want to set some serious goals for myself in the month of June. I considered trying a formal fitness program, but just can’t seem to find the right fit; and variety is always good, right? So, I’m going to cobble together my own boot camp for the month of June.

Here’s what I’m considering:

  1. Bike somewhere 5 days a week. I bike to work daily, so this should be easy… but if I drive in due to weather or logistics, I need to find somewhere else to ride instead before the week is up.
  2. Do a tougher workout 4 days a week (run, circuit/strength training, power yoga, etc.)
  3. Drinking alcohol only once a week, a couple of drinks. No more after-work beers or evening whiskeys.
  4. Avoid donuts, cake, or other sugary, bready things.
  5. Eat as many healthy, whole foods as I can. Look out, eggs, avocados, and quinoa. (Also, I’m glad it’s grilling season, and I’ll be eating fresh garden veggies soon.)
  6. Drink at least 100 oz of water a day.
  7. Write about all this often, to keep myself accountable and connected to what’s happening in my body. (#mindfulness)

It’s pretty strict, but it’s one month, and it’s beautiful outside. It should be do-able. Not all of these habits will last, but whichever ones stick are sure to make me feel better.

Let’s jump-start some good habits, shall we?